We won't deny that we're a little jealous CNET Asia got their chance to fool around with iRiver's 6GB E10, which we've been eyeing with lustful eyes for a little while now. Sounds like interfacing with the clicky buttons wasn't always expeditious in navigating the UI, so iRiver added some programmable shortcut keys; the 32 hour battery life and Flash Lite video support are also niceties. Unmentioned was codec support, PlaysForSure compatibility, etc., but what they weren't too fond of was the proprietary connector (so what else is new?), the non-user-programmable 182 TV brand IR remote function (which if you ask us kind of seems like a haphazard feature thrown in from the concept device heap), as well as the fact that while it does also support MPEG-4 video, that's about all it supports. Yeah, no device is perfect, but we're not about to give up on this thing yet, no sir.